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About Us

We are a well established family run business, traditionally specialising in high access cleaning services to commercial and residential block management companies.

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JKE Services (NW) Ltd has operated since 2005 as a private limited company, jointly owned by husband and wife shareholders, John and Kerry Randles.

JKE previously specialised in providing high access cleaning services to commercial and residential block management companies across the North of England.

JKE currently provides cleaning services for all hard standing surfaces from K-render, sandstone, concrete and cladded structures and are also approved contractors operating the Doff super heated steam system via Stonehealth.

During the last twelve months, the company has recognised a host of new opportunities to expand the business into new target markets, along with the prospect of developing a more formal business structure.

The following notes are provided as background information to support exactly this planned growth.

Transition to PPL

JKE already has an established client base of smaller businesses and corporations within its own immediate catchment area, and now, as part of our planned expansion programme, we are moving into new industry sectors, and also spreading further geographically throughout the UK.

The JKE team is young, dynamic, and highlyenthusiastic, and plan to develop a major new, ´Čüeldbased business to capitalise on all the many and varied opportunities within multiple industry sectors. Supported by an experienced Non-Executive Director and other professional advisors, the time is ripe to expand the UK market.

The potential for this highly exciting new venture far exceeds the scale of operations carried out by the original family run business, JKE, so the decision was taken to move forward by creating a new corporate entity, to be known as Proteger Protect Ltd (PPL).

In partnership with a number of industry specialists, as set out in this presentation, PPL will drive sales of all these services. It is important to note that all PPL services are backed by comprehensive insurances and full guarantees backed by leading insurers.