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Benz Softwash

PPL is proud to offer this additional service. The Benz Softwash “Clean & Maintain” system is a specialist process that uses high quality, government approved, professional biocides to clean external hard surfaces. The work can be conducted from ground level and working at height.

Benz Softwash

Benz Biocidal Wash is as strong as it’s possible for a softwash biocide of its type to be. It is approved by the UK and Irish governments, and is fully compliant with all REACH, PCD and HSE regulations.

Biocidal Wash has 50% active ingredient, is Ph neutral, and is unaffected by hard or mineralised water.

Its “residual biocide” effect helps prevent re-colonisation by biological growths, ensuring your building surfaces remain clean for a considerable time following application.

Biocidal Wash can be used as a stand alone softwash solution, or as a post-treatment following power washing and/or softwashing with Benz Blackwash.